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Independent Postnatal Midwifery Visits

The Happy Birth Club Care for New Parents

We are delighted to be able to offer independent midwifery care packages as part of The Happy Birth Club. Each visit is tailored to you, your family and your needs. 

With our guidance, you decide what you would like from your midwife visit/s. It is impossible to express the value of a visit from a known, trusted midwife, in the comfort of your own home when you are getting to know your baby and the challenges of early parenthood. Below are some of the benefits that you can expect.

 For baby:

  • A top-to-toe physical check, assessing for common ailments and advising. This Includes cord care, skin observations, eye care, nappy rash etc
  • A weight check 
  • Newborn blood spot test when the baby is 5 days old, testing for rare metabolic diseases, cystic fibrosis, congenital hypothyroidism, and blood disorders.
  • Advice re: winding and colic
  • Observing and assisting with breastfeeding to ensure the best positioning and attachment and helping you with any problems. Diagnosing tongue tie and referring to further services if required.
  • Advice re formula feeding/bottle feeding. 
  • Administering Vitamin K oral drops when the baby is 7 days old (this will need repeating at 1 month old).

For you:

  • Postnatal health check, including blood pressure, perineal stitches and advising on healing and recovery.
  • Caesarean suture removal and advice on recovery.
  • Advice on pain relief and when to take it.
  • Birth debrief, discussing your birth experience and helping you to access your notes if you would like them
  • Emotional support – here for you during the common “baby blues” phase where hormonal changes can cause surges of emotion. Observing emotional wellness and able to refer to further services if required.
  • Helping mum understand baby’s cues – sleepy, hungry etc.
  • Practical support – Emily is more than happy to keep an eye on baby for you whilst you go and shower, eat a meal – or even snatch a power nap!
  • Assisting with feeding and settling baby, advice on safer sleep for you and baby.
  • Taking bloods for any private blood tests you may wish to have – e.g. Iron levels (additional cost)
  • On-call service – speak to me at any time regarding any concerns about you, or your baby (6am -11pm depending on service booked – can be added on if required).

 For your partner

  • Birth debrief – helping them understand the birth – what happened and why?
  • No worries about getting mum and new baby to a post-natal appointment in a hospital as this is done in the safety of your home.
  • Helping them to understand your emotional and practical needs.
  • Helping them understand baby’s cues: sleepy, hungry etc.
  • Can return to work knowing that partner and baby will have a visit from a trusted midwife.

As you would expect, Emily will wear PPE in your home and be undertaking regular temperature checks to ensure the safety of you and your family. 


Single visit – 2 hours - £189 (we recommend this within the first week)

Single visit + reflexology and aromatherapy – 3 hours - £229

8 hours - 4 x 2 hour home visits £750

10 x 2 hour visits (plus one hour reflexology & aromatherapy on final visit). Includes phone support (6am -11pm) reflexology & aromatherapy £1800

 (Package options available in drop down box on checkout) 

For more details or to ask any questions about this exciting new service, please contact: